Laravel artisan commands cheat sheet

In this article, we have a cheat sheet of the Laravel artisan commands. below are the most important commands we usually use those commands in the projects.

Create the new Project in the laravel

composer create-project laravel/laravel example-app

The Laravel installer is simple and easy.

laravel new example-app

Generate a unique key to your application in .env file

php artisan key:generate

Starting Development Server

php artisan serve

Enabling maintenance mode

php artisan down

Disabling Maintenance Mode

php artisan up

Clear Application Cache

php artisan cache:clear

Clear Config Cache

php artisan config:clear

Clear Route Cache

php artisan route:clear

Clear Compiled View Files

 php artisan view:clear

Clear all Laravel’s cache in one command (Compiled views, Application cache, Route cache, Configuration cache, etc.)

php artisan optimize:clear